Stressless - English

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About the program

If you suffer from stress at home or at work, the programme Stressless is meant for you. With the help of this programme, you are going to learn how you can deal with stress-related symptoms by working on them actively.

For who?

The program is designed for everyone who has stress-related symptoms. The earlier you get started, the better! By learning to recognize signs of stress, you can prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

What is in the program?

This program provides practical tips about reducing stress and taking care of yourself. The first session includes a questionnaire to see how you’re doing, as well as information about what stress actually is. After that, you will try to find the main cause of your stress. The following sessions are all about reducing stress. The themes that you choose from are: 'Taking care of yourself', 'Stress Management', 'Stress and your environment', and 'Relaxation'. You don't have to follow all these themes. The main thing is that you can benefit from this programme as quickly as possible. 

Time indication: 4 weeks


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