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The way you structure your life has a bigger impact on your stress level, your energy level, and your mood than you might think. When you feel good and take good care of yourself, you are also able to cope with a lot more. That’s why you will focus on several topics and aspects that can improve your lifestyle, such as the use of media devices, relaxation, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

The best way to approach this programme is to plan a fixed moment during the week when you can follow one session at a time. You can then apply the things that work for you in your life by trying out the tools we give you and to keep practising them. Every week we will focus on a different subject. By the end of the programme, you are going to set up a Lifestyle Plan that is aimed at your needs, wishes, and situation.


For whom?

This programme has been developed for adults with stress, anxiety or gloominess and who can therefore benefit from lifestyle interventions.


Topics that will be covered:

  • What is stress?
  • Goals
  • Relaxation exercises 
  • Time management
  • Structure your daily life
  • Healthy exercizing
  • Non stop availability online
  • Relaxation planning
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep habits
  • Lifestyle plan

Wil je graag iemand spreken over je zorgen of over je klachten dan kun je ook contact opnemen met Psyned.

Therapieland Psychologen Nederland

‘Now I can actually keep my planning and focus on me.’


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