Software Tester

If you have a passion for software testing and an interest in mental healthcare, this is your chance to combine the two professionally, as our Software Tester!


As an integral part of the development team, you share responsibility for improving the quality of our platform.

  • Support the development team through analysis and deep testing of deliverables 
  • Support the development team with test automation at UI, API & database level.
  • Support the development team through self-organized feedback loops with regards to regression testing, troubleshooting production issues and collaborative test processes.
  • Contribute to the long term test strategy.
  • Time spent: Analysis & testing: 55%, Automation: 20%, Process & process improvement 15%, Long term test strategy 10%


Workday impression

You pour yourself a cup of coffee and check-in at the daily standup to hear all about the ongoing developments. During the standup, your colleagues signal that they deployed their deliverable to the test environment and that they would like to demo it to you. During this demo, your deep product knowledge (eventually) and critical eye may show some possible issues or risks to which you document, and eventually follow-up on, once resolved. When solved you resume with the development of an automated e2e UI test flow. In between you have scheduled a  meeting to discuss performance testing strategy. After presenting a convincing plan you proceed with implementing it. You cannot wait to share your initial result and ideas with the rest of the team tomorrow.



As our tester you are responsible for the quality assurance of new and existing functionalities in our web applications. Together with the development teams you design a test strategy and set-up an automated testflow, ensuring the integrity and quality of the platform. We count on you to always keep a critical eye on the quality of deliverables.

But you are not satisfied with testing alone. You love to continuously and proactively improve the test process. You do not shy away from the tough decisions and defend your ideas, if needed, in a collaborative way. You are passionate about creating the most efficient process possible, as a team. 


Who are we?

Located in Amsterdam, we are a fast growing, young and innovative scale-up company with young, enthusiastic, hard-working professionals. We develop mental e-Health applications for people searching for self-help and also for clients working with mental health care institutions. We are one of the largest mental E-health providers in the Netherlands. Through the development of e-Health modules, Virtual Reality, video calling and innovative projects, we provide mental health care and prevention programs in an easily accessible and inspiring way.



If you are interested in the job and meet the criteria, send us your reaction, together with your profile to

NOTE: This vacancy is not open for Recruiters, people that have a HSM visa, need sponsorship or do not live in the Netherlands.


  • Bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent. 
  • A learning / growth mindset.
  • 3+ years experience of embedded Agile testing (exploratory, automation and non-functionals). 
  • A critical eye for, and willingness to discuss, User Stories from inception to deployment on production. 
  • It would be great if you have experience with Cypress, Postman/Newman or similar automation tools.
  • You live in the Netherlands and have no need for sponsorship (also not through a 3rd party).