End to end tester, 1-4 years of experience

If you believe that mental healthcare should be available to anyone at anytime and anyplace, and love software testing, this is your chance.

Workday impression

You pour yourself a cup of coffee, get started and check-in at the 09:30 day start to hear all about the sprint goal developments. During the day start, your colleague signals you a new functionality is ready for testing. Following the heads-up at daystart you immediately check it out, to hand over any test results as soon as possible. Next up is the development of the automated test flow you were working on. It checks the functioning of our platform’s registration flow. In between you scheduled a meeting to discuss some options to improve testing the platform’s resilience to high volumes of audience. After you presented a convincing plan and agreed upon how to implement some of your ideas directly you get back to the testflow you were working on. You can’t wait to share your ideas with the rest of the team tomorrow.



As an end-to-end tester you are responsible for the quality assurance of new and existing functionalities in our web applications. You execute manual tests and make sure new functionalities work the way they should. Simultaneously you set-up an automated testflow, ensuring the integrity of the platform when introducing new features. We count on you to always keep a sharp human eye on places the tests cannot reach.

But you’re not satisfied with testing alone. You love to think through the test process in detail. What are the weak spots in the process and where should we put our focus and how do we consider what to automate first and what to do manually for now? What are the best tooling and technologies to make the testing process optimal? You take responsibility for the full testing process and take a proactive stance in this. You don’t shy away from the tough decisions and defend your ideas if needed, but always in a collaborative way. You’re passionate about creating the most efficient process possible, as a team. 

In summary, you are responsible for ensuring both the quality and reliability of the platform! Tasks that will fall within your responsibility:


  • Set up a long term vision on the testing strategy within Therapieland.
  • Manually test new features and the occasional bugfix. 
  • Write automated tests for existing functionalities.


Who are we?

Located in Amsterdam, we are a fast growing, young and innovative scale-up company with young, enthusiastic, hard-working professionals. We develop mental e-Health applications for people searching for self-help and also for clients working with mental health care institutions. We are one of the largest mental E-health providers in the Netherlands. Through the development of e-Health modules, Virtual Reality, video calling and innovative projects, we provide mental health care and prevention programs in an easily accessible and inspiring way.



For more background information contact Pieter Meinema, our Technical Lead, at pieter@therapieland.nl. If you are interested in the job, send us your reaction, together with your profile to vacature@therapieland.nl.

To be successful in this role you:

  • Experienced in manual testing;
  • Experienced in automated testing for web based applications;
  • Experience with of multiple testing tools;
  • Punctual;
  • Quick thinker;
  • Takes ownership of his/her role.